Understanding the fundamentals of Designs

Kickstart with Designs

  • Visceral: Visceral aspects of designs talk about the tangibility of designs. We can look at designs and feel them.
  • Reflective: Every design conveys messages.
  • Behavioral: Designs are just not aesthetic but should cater to the needs of wide numbers of users. It must be inclusive, accessible to all users, and must be functional.
  • Communication
  • Experience
  • Graphic
  • Interaction
  • Visual
  • Web
  • Product
  • Industrial
  • Service
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Proximity: It is the grouping of things together using proper spaces. It is the use of visual space to show relationships in contents.
  • Space: Space helps to define and separate different sections.
  • Alignment: Alignment helps to make the composition more organized and easy to navigate
  • Contrast: Contrast draws the attention of users or creates emphasis.
  • Hierarchy: Shows users where to begin and where to go next using different levels of emphasis. For emphasis, it can use different levels of visual weight in typography.
  • Repetition: Every project should have a consistent look and feel. It can be like using similar components everywhere in designs.
  • The above design is bad because statements in design make us aware of using a mask while coughing, but the emoji used has the mouth opened during coughing. If we could have used emoji with a mask, it would have been a good design.
  • The above-shown teapot is also an example of bad design. Although it looks pretty, we can see the handle and the mouth for serving tea from the teapot are on the same side. Users will encounter difficulties while using this product. Therefore, it’s a bad design.




Learning, sharing and constantly evolving! Electronics and Communication Engineering Student!

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Laxmi Chapagain

Laxmi Chapagain

Learning, sharing and constantly evolving! Electronics and Communication Engineering Student!

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